great big laughter

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have a coworker with a truly giant, semi-dorky laugh.  It is one of y favorite sounds in the hallway at work, partly for the joy and freedom in that sound, but also because it means I am not the only person laughing in what some would deem “inappropriately” loud on a regular basis. 

Whenever I get together with my kids or my siblings or a major portion of my friends, there is laughter.  We joke and tease and get just plain silly.  We tend to get loud with it.  Occasionally we get “the look” from those around us, whose dignity seems more important to them than the release of joy or even downright silliness that we so much enjoy.

As for me, I cannot imagine negotiating everyday life without being fully tuned in to humor, silliness, sarcasm, and even full-out ridiculousness.

It means when i am dealing with someone unreasonable, though I have to focus on helping them to feel “heard” and reaching some kind of resolution, inside I can also be noting the hilarious elements of the conversation – and if you’ve never noticed the hilarious elements of conversation with unreasonable people, I invite you to start watching for them.  They are almost always present.  Even if confidentiality or professionalism don’t always allow me to tell the stories to others, I can always relish them myself, over and over.

It means that when I avail myself of yet another opportunity to wound my own dignity, I mostly don’t fall into a pit of horror and revulsion.  I mostly just start laughing at myself – almost immediately – and mentally composing the blog post that will bring others in on the fun.

Take, for instance, this morning’s run.  When I dealt with the assault of clouds of millions of gnats, I imagined them talking among themselves as I came along.  “Here comes one of those portable blood carriers!  It’s a BIG one!  Looks juicy, too!”  But as they all come buzzing in, a hundred or so of them get caught in my hair and asphyxiated by the hideous stank of sweat pouring out of my scalp.  As they die, they scream in pathetic tiny voices to their compatriots, “PULL OUT!  PULL OUT!! IT’S A TRAP!!” 

And when I puked while running (first time for that, ever!  woo hoo!) and an emergency vehicle came by, I didn’t fall into crying (not gonna lie, puking generally makes me cry) or ask for a ride home.  I just thought how God must have arranged the timing of that to make me laugh!  I definitely laughed.

Oh, you don’t think God laughs?  Gosh, I’m so sorry.  I’ve keeled over laughing too many times at His little inside jokes in my life to every think otherwise.  I think He laughs.

I think we ALL need to laugh a little more often.


  1. Cindy Maynard says:

    laughter is what seems to get me through each & every day…….I just need to remember to laugh out loud more often! I, too believe God laughs. I think I provide him with much laughter material.

  2. Sherri says:

    Thanks for this – I DEFINITELY need to find more humor in the everyday things that irritate me! I so appreciate your blog! I’m glad Cala brought us together! 🙂

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