notes from the discombobulated zone

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

It is moving week!  I hope to be relocated to my new address in Rock Island by the end of Saturday, and have this place all cleaned up and the keys turned in by Monday morning, so that I can just enjoy having the day off by doing something wild like sleeping in, lying around a lot, and maybe riding my bike.

I found myself in “discombobulated mode” today after work.  Having canceled my usual Monday night plans, I set out for the storage unit with plans to unload my car (which I had loaded up with packed boxes as soon as I got home from Chicago last night).  My storage unit is about 10 or 15 minutes’ drive from here. 

Half a mile from my destination point, I started fumbling around the car, looking for the key card thingy that activates the opening of the perimeter fence.  It wasn’t in its usual spot in my console.  It wasn’t in the middle section of my purse, where I often stow things.

Steering with one hand, I started unzipping compartments of my purse with the other.  I poked around a bit in there while driving.  No key card thingy.

I got a sick feeling in my stomach and tried to remember:  had I taken it into my apartment?  I tried to remember seeing it on my table.  I wasn’t sure.

Finally, I pulled up near the gate, put the car in park, and started digging frantically through my purse.  Poking, pulling, peering. 

No card.

I must have left it at the apartment, I thought.  So I sighed and felt a little teary and tired, but headed back into town.  Checking my phone time, I calculated – I had lost at least half an hour to this error.  And my gas was getting low.

I stopped on the way home for groceries.  I shouldn’t do that.  When I’m tired, thinking up what to buy feels like a Herculean feat.  I finally came up with a few items and checked out, heading home to toss the groceries on the counter and get busy looking for that card.

I searched the apartment 3 times.

No card.

So I opened up my purse again and started pulling out trash.  Old receipts.  Used Kleenex.  Items that need filed.  And eventually – the keycard thingie materialized.

It had been in my purse all along.  *sigh*

So I ate a banana on my drive back out to the storage unit, trying to keep my blood sugar from crashing.  My pathetic mood and low energy seemed to be shouting LOW BLOOD SUGAR. 

It’s a quick unload, out there.  Not all that much stuff fits in my car.  It is requiring a lot of trips, this business of trying to put everything that’s getting stored away BEFORE the move. 

Then, back home to carry up some nice flattened boxes a coworker gave me.  Those will need re-assembled and taped, but were exactly what I needed.

8ish PM and I was finally getting around to dinner, cataloging the “to do” list as I worked and it was kind of swirling in circles. 

I know what else I want to accomplish tonight.  I have a feeling that, per usual, my agenda is bigger than my allotted time awake.  So I’ll just work on what i can, and get to the rest another day.

I’m awfully grateful that moving isn’t something I do every day.  I mean, I do it more than most people I know…but still…the end is in sight.  This time next week, the storage unit will be full, my room at my new place will be unpacked, put away, and pleasant for hanging out.  I can do this.

I just gotta remember that, when the list of what to do between now and then gets so darn big, so darn loud, do darn Just Too Much.  He has given me everything I need, to do what I need to do.

I can do this. 

  1. Margaret Babbitt says:

    Clearly, you can do anything you set your mind to. Stay strong and happy.

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