how’s the weather?

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, this one is nearly guaranteed to irritate almost everyone who reads.  Oh joy!

I’ve worked a couple of front desk jobs in my life, where I was the first point of contact with the public upon entry of the facility.  Those kinds of jobs are very instructive about the nature of the general public.  There are some good things to be observed…and also a whole lot of frustrating-as-heck things.

COMPLAINING.  That’s the big thing I saw, in all of my front desk jobs.  People like to complain.  Policies, procedures, schedules, personalities, missed deadlines, processes – all of these are fodder for complaint.  But really, one doesn’t have to go that deep to find the common thread of persistent complaining.  One can start with the very first words often exchanged in conversation:  an opinion about the weather. 

It intrigued me over the years at various front desks to find that on the very same day, some would complain that it was too hot, while others complained it was too cold.  That even when rain is desperately needed for crops and gardens, many will still complain about it.  That no amount of living in an area that gets cold, snow, and ice will slow people down from their complaining about cold, snow, and ice.  That no level of secure, cool air conditioning indoors will reduce the level of complaint about the heat outside.

Why am I thinking about this?  Easy:  I saw it in myself! 

This morning, like all run mornings, I checked my Iphone weather app to help me figure out what to wear.  At 4:45 AM, it was 72 degrees already. 

I was not impressed.

72 degrees is fabulous for being out walking around or for horseback riding or watching sports or whatever.  But when I’m running or biking or otherwise expending large amounts of energy, since this body is one amazing little heat-producing machine, 72 degrees is too darn hot.  So I almost grumbled.  But chose instead to just put on my lighter weight running pants and ultra light short-sleeved running shirt. 

Even dressed that lightly, it was still too hot, once I had been running a few minutes, and then especially later, near the end, as the sun came up.  It was hot enough that it felt like it was slowing my pace down.  I really do prefer to run in about 35 degree weather.  It helps my energy levels.  Still, all there is to do is resolve to deal with it:  I will get out my knee-length lightweight compression pants and I think I have a running tank somewhere in my drawer, which doesn’t match the pants but matching is not the point of running.  I will adapt to summer’s approach. 

While I was making my plans with a cloud of grump around the subject of sweatiness, I really got convicted of this simple truth:  complaining about the weather is a regular, daily thing we do that is a basic, stubborn refusal to deal with life as it is.  Every time we do it, we are telling God that the location where He placed us is not satisfactory, does not meet our standards, and ought to be changed.  We are implying that He owes us something different – something better.  Better by our own subjective measure!  When you think about it, that is SERIOUSLY dizzying arrogance, isn’t it?  And by the way, who EVER changed the weather for even a second by griping about it?

No wonder we struggle so much to fall in line with other, bigger agendas He has for us – we can’t/don’t even willingly/joyfully submit on this one little point! 

What might change in our willingness levels with Him, if we started with embracing what we are given now, seeing whatever good there is to see in it, thanking Him.

What if we refused to bitch about the weather?  Wouldn’t it be fun to find out? 


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