stuff accumulator

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am in the process of packing up to move.  It’s not just a simple matter of putting everything in boxes and taking it from one place to the next; I am moving in with friends.  This was a decision I made originally for financial reasons.  I wanted to pay down my debt faster, because I was clear that I couldn’t do anything different in my life until about 2015, due to debt.  So I asked some great friends if I could live with them, and since they are of the insanely generous stripe of folk who always have somebody or other in their spare room, they immediately welcomed me. 

Once I had made the decision to move, I suddenly realized how overwhelmingly glad I was to be leaving the life of living alone.  I had felt like I was pretty content with being alone in my adorable little third-floor apartment, but knowing I was about to leave that to be a part of a family helped me see how much I had just been choosing to be content where I was placed.  The more I thought about living with people again, the more excited I got.  My favorite thing about this is shared meals.  I really detest eating alone with the computer.  My next favorite thing about it is there will be someone to talk to when I get home (two someones whom I always greatly enjoy talking with, to boot).  Also, there are little kids living there, and I absolutely love the noise of kids playing.  Oh, there are more reasons I am excited, but those are some of the top items.  After awhile, the money part of the move didn’t matter to me at all.  After awhile, the move became all about being in something like “community” once again. 

In answer to the inevitable question that comes next from all who just read recently of my engagement, after the wedding, Gary will join me there and we intend to remain in residence with our friends.  I mean, we are open all possibilities – if it turns out that our friends need more space or we need more privacy or whatever, this doesn’t have to be a forever thing.  But for now, we are deciding to live with our friends.  I personally find it to be a great plan for Gary’s transition out of the giant community that is Jesus People USA (JPUSA).  I remember what a jolting and often lonely transition that was for me, returning to solitary apartment living after I left that community, and while Gary wouldn’t be living alone, like I did, I still love the idea that even when I work late, he will have other people around.  Not having people around after a long time of constantly being surrounded by loved ones can be rough. 

Anyway:  packing.  Oh golly.  I have only lived in my apartment for 13 1/2 months.  I am horrified at how much I seem to have accumulated in that space of time.  I took an entire car load of stuff to good will.  I have taken uncounted trips to the garbage chute to dispose of things not worth giving away.  There is TOO MUCH STUFF in my apartment.  Furthermore, since we are living with friends, we only have the need and space for what will fit in our one generously sized bedroom.  This means a large portion of my belongings will go into storage for now – some of that is stuff we will need if we decide to get our own place in the long run, other of it is just the long-term stuff of life that one carries around, and it will need to be SOMEWHERE.

So I sort, and pack neatly and tightly.  The extras of my life must fit in a 5 x 10 storage unit.  I consider every item I touch.  Do I really care about having it in the long term?  And again I remind myself:  try not to accumulate so much stuff at the next address.  Apparently I am quite the “stuff” accumulator. 

I wonder if I can outgrow that, even more than I already have.


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