notes from one of the party crowd

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

The guy was a lot of fun when he moved into a rented room down the street.  I mean, he was clearly a bit of a rube, but he wanted so badly to fit in.  Turned out he was generous with funds, quick to buy a round for the house.  That, and his easy way with words, earned him a lot of buddies right away.  I loved his one-liners.  He was quick with a joke and had a way of pulling stories out of those around him.  All in all, the room was just generally a little more fun with him than it was without. 

We partied hard all summer.  But then after awhile, he wasn’t buying rounds for the house as often.  After awhile, he didn’t always have the funds to buy himself a girl for the night.  After awhile, he just wasn’t as fun as he used to be.  Seemed to be freaking out about money. 

I just about died when I heard where he had gotten a job.  Feeding pigs?!  Not that it mattered to me, but – he was Jewish!  Just a weird situation all the way around.  We’d be drinking into the early hours of the morning and he wasn’t laughing anymore.  He was melancholy, hanging his head over his beer.  He seemed to resent the fact that the rest of us didn’t have to get up early to go to a job.  Just turned into a real killjoy, you know? 

I saw him, the day he left town.  Looked like he hadn’t had a bath in a couple of weeks.  Walking along the side of the road, skinny, hanging his head, not even looking up at passers-by.  He seemed to be headed back in the direction of his home town.

Seriously?  Was he going to try to return to the farm?  We had all heard what a nowhere place it was.  Did he really think his parents were going to just let him come back like nothing happened, after he had run through half the family fortune?

Delusional.  I supposed it was just one too many hangovers. 

Oh well.  He’d learn his lesson when he got there.  Some people always gotta learn the hard way. 


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