Posted: April 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Show me where the loose boards are, Lord.  The stuff I need to nail down. 

Show me where the rotten spots are, please.  The stuff I need to cut out.

Show me where the hinges need tightened, before damage is done.

Show me where my sloppiness is creating chaos.

Show me where my bag is heavy because I’m carrying something You didn’t hand me.

Show me where my expectations are drawn back and poised, ready to slam into my reality, jarring everything.

Show me where I am wasting my time as I follow my own understanding instead of Your Spirit.

Show me where Your rest is available and I am bypassing it.

In Your great, forever-enduring mercy, won’t You please show me?  When YOU show me, it’s always so clear.  The way fix is always so evident.  Where I have been wrong is underlined, circled, in bold and all caps – and still, it doesn’t make me feel worthless, but only treasured. 

Tonight I feel tired and small and everything feels too big, too much.  I know enough to know that I’ve got a serious vision problem.  And enough to know that by morning, You’ll most likely have brought that back into order. 

Show me, Lord.  I am small, but You are not.  I am broken, but You are not. 

I am Yours.  Here at Your feet, I ask this thing:  show me. 

  1. Linda says:

    All I can say my friend is: WOW!!! fits me so many many times…thanks for sharing this.

  2. karen says:

    It’s neat to hear that this resonated with you, ladies! Thanks for stopping by to say so!

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