my best gift to you is loving Him better

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The best I can offer into my relationship with you is to grow in my relationship with God. 

I’ve got this typed out in my “writing prompts” to blog about someday, and then I was reminded of this great truth again this morning in church, as my pastor talked about living a passionate mission.  Okay then!  Time to go there.

No matter who you are to me, the best gift I can offer to my relationship with you is to grow in my relationship with God.  True if you are my spouse, my parent, my child, my friend, my coworker. 

I guess I need to be clear here:  “grow in my relationship with God” doesn’t just mean “follow religious rules more closely.”  But you’ve been around here long enough by now to know I didn’t mean that, right?  It’s about drawing near to Him, knowing Him more, being more connected with Him. 

When that happens, I am every day a little more healed.  A little more whole.  A little more fully who He created me to be.  When I am filled more and more up with His Spirit, I am quicker to listen, slower to speak out of turn, less apt to get angry.  I am less selfish, less self-centered, less self-seeking, less given to offense.  More prone to give, to yield, to turn the other cheek, to be open to see it from another perspective.  More filled with enough grace and mercy to share both abundantly. 

And let’s face it, if I am really seeking Him, He WILL speak into my relationships.  He will call me to change my reactions and my expectations.  He generally won’t give me a message that I should “tell you to straighten up.”  He’ll deal with me directly on my end, and will teach me to let Him deal with YOU on your end as well. 

Now this is certainly not a seamless or smooth transition.  I’m highly aware that at some points along my journey of growth in the faith, I’ve been an opinionated windbag with very little grace or tact.  I have witnessed the fact that I’m not alone in having been kind of a pain, in the “adolescent” phase of my faith.  We tend to test the patience of many around us as we grow through that (well, maybe not EVERYONE does, but I know I did and I’ve met others the same way), be they believers or not. 

But in the big picture, in the long run, looking past the temporary inconvenience of awkward immature growth, the principle holds true.  As I grow in/with Him, that growth touches all of my relationships, all of my conversations, all of my decisions, all of my behaviors.

Which, I guess, means that needs to be my prayer for myself, and my prayer for any and all that I love or bother to pray for.  That we would know Him more.  It’s a blanket prayer that covers many, many areas.  

And I’m pretty sure He enjoys answering that one.  


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