taking care of business…or not

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Taking care of business is its own reward…and not doing so is often its own punishment:

  • Work is AWESOME ever since I did all that filing.  I don’t feel overwhelmed and overworked now.  I have order in my mind and am proceeding with more clarity.  And – bonus – I’m so loving having the filing done that most of the time, when a piece of paper comes into my hands, I stop and don’t do anything else until it is properly filed.  LOVING this feeling!!
  • I oopsied myself into allergies.  I had learned awhile back that eating a little bit of locally grown honey  each day is a good allergy preventative – and I had proven it by 2 seasons without need of meds.  Why, then, did I let the honey thing slide for the last few months?  I simply didn’t feel like making time to get to the store where I can buy it (at WAY cheaper than the honey in the other stores, BTW).  And so now I’m in the full allergy swing, taking Zyrtec to try and knock it down, and consuming locally grown honey like a fiend.  No idea how long it will take to turn this around, since I let it get so far.  Oopsie.
  • I had 4 new tires put on my car today, and the whole thing aligned.  I needed it BAD – it’s hard to describe how wobbly and horrible my old tires had gotten.  And the fix wasn’t even a crisis, all thanks to the awesome financial system a friend helped me create, which is basically just the Dave Ramsey way.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.  Such peace in having the funds when they are needed. 
  • I’m moving toward a “next step” in improving my financial situation, but more importantly my living situation.  Come June 1, I won’t be at my awesome little apartment in downtown Davenport anymore.  I am moving in with friends in Rock Island – a sort of mini-community, we shall be, eh?  It will save me some funds, which I will use to knock down debt more quickly.  But better yet, when I get home at night there will be PEOPLE.  To talk to.  To share meals with.  To do life with.  I’m pretty darn excited about that. 
  • …which means I need to get busy working on my apartment NOW.  There is stuff to sort, surely stuff to get rid of, and stuff to put in storage.  If I start now and do it little bit by little bit, the 7 or 8 weeks I have until moving time are enough to make it light work.  Or I can procrastinate and wear myself out at week 6 when I finally spring into action.  Which will she choose?  Hmmm…

I just see the theme everywhere in my life:  I can choose discipline and peace, or I can choose what is comfortable now and probably end up in chaos.  That message seems frightfully clear just now. 

Guess it’s time to learn to LOVE discipline.  I’m pretty sure that only happens by practicing it.  Just sayin’.

  1. Discipline was my word for 2012. It really REALLY changed me. Only… TOTALLY!! I like your new way of BEing with the filing and paper and overall. It makes my heart smile. BEcause, as someone I admire and depend upon for wisdom, I love when I see similarities. xoxo

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