my excitement hits a bump and turns to something better

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Early on in the time after that birthday party night mentioned yesterday, I heard from a coworker who is one of Gary’s very close friends:  she was so excited.  Gary had gotten a girlfriend!  He’s such a nice guy, she noted…she was just tickled that he might have someone. 

My stomach sank as I processed that.  Gary has a girlfriend.  Oh.  Bummer.  But quickly my heart turned to:  be glad for him.  He’s a wonderful guy and you’re almost a year from being available and if he has someone to love him NOW…good for him.  If you care about him, be happy for him.  It wasn’t easy – part of me was protesting LOUDLY, wondering if she was worthy of such a nice guy.  Would she treat him well enough?  Did she love the Lord enough to be an equal partner to him?  But I didn’t know her at all – she didn’t live at JPUSA – and in any event it was not my place to measure her worth, eh?  Who was I but some girl with a crush on him?  That didn’t give me rights.  I let go and hoped good things for him.

We had become Facebook friends by this point (ahh don’t all modern love stories contain some Facebook element? LOL) and so I’d see their little flirts, and it was okay.  He was happy and my heart was not set on him.  I just thought he was neat.  It was okay. 

Soon enough though, I heard different news:  a breakup.  He was devastated, asking for prayer.  Here’s how I knew I cared about him:  I was devastated too – hurt that he was hurt.  Not gleefully rubbing my hands together at the prospect of his return to “the market.”  Just aching for his pain. 

I resolved:  be a friend.  From a distance.  Absolutely DO NOT swoop in to find a cozy place closer to him in his time of need.  If you care about him, this is the least you can do, Karen:  stay back for now. 



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