the filing saga goes on…

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was “Karen pay the piper” day at work.

If you’ve been around awhile, you might recall that I blogged clear back over a year ago, in January 2012, to be precise, about a long day of filing and my general misery at catching up, as well as my resolve to not bury myself under another giant pile of unfiled paperwork.

But…that’s just what I did. 

Then 3 weeks ago or so, my pastor talked about organization and there I was, back at it again.  I made a plan.  A detailed, reasonable plan.  I am really good at making detailed, reasonable plans.

And pretty consistent on failing to execute them, in some cases. 

So, though my progress report early on was good, pretty much all filing progress stopped the VERY DAY AFTER that report. 

On the positive side, I have kept my to-do list on my computer screen, updating it at the end of each day.  And I have stayed off of personal internet use during work time, despite HATING the execution of that promise.  So I’ve had SOME victory.

On the other hand, I really just didn’t file another piece of paper after the progress report.  So every day as I’ve worked on the to-do list, I have had to deliberately go PAST the planned two 15-minute blocks of filing time.  Have had to intentionally blow them off – there was no ability to “pretend” I had forgotten, to myself or anyone else.  And blow them off I did, with great skill, but not without great guilt. 

When I heard that my boss was going to be gone this week, I resolved:  I needed to use the quieter time and slower pace that happens in his absence well.  I needed to catch up on my filing.  I even made a point to tell him that, before he left, effectively forcing myself into doing it then, as I might willingly disappoint myself, but disappointing my boss?  Not if I can help it! 

Monday, I made myself busy all day with the usual Monday busyness.  No filing.

This morning, I easily found other things to do and dodged the filing.  That is, until about half an hour before lunch, when the pressure of it all finally squeezed me so hard that I got down to business. 

And…TODAY I FOUND THE BOTTOM OF THE FILE PILE!  I filed the whole giant pile over that was stacked high enough to kind of slide precariously, there on the cabinet.  I emptied out the whole giant box, too big for me to even pick up.  It is all filed or otherwise appropriately dispatched.  HALLELUJAH!

It was a tough task.  Usually I bribe myself with chocolate for jobs like filing or typing minutes.  But my church is doing a church-wide fast, and since i wasn’t up for a full fast, I am fasting…sugar.  UGH.  NO CHOCOLATE!  How does one file without chocolate…for hours, even?  Let’s just say there was a lot of whine in me.  It’s a good thing I work at the end of a hall, mostly away from people.  By the end of the day, I was the kind of frazzled I used to be when I worked at the city, on the day the water bills were due (hoo BOY that was always a humdinger of a day.) 

So now I really really really want to keep this up.  I need to leave at least one of those 15 minute blocks of filing per day on my to-do list, and I need to actually DO it.  While I was filing, I saw that really I need to pull out every single file and go through them.  A lot of them could use some straightening, sorting, pruning, etc.  If I would be daily faithful to this, by summer my office could be a whole other place.  And then I could go to work on my electronic files and email files. 

The thing is, it’s not just busywork.  Today I found several things that have been a hardship when I couldn’t find them when needed.  Now I know where to lay my hands on some stuff I will need coming up.  Furthermore, with all that handling of paper, I feel like today I made a giant leap in understanding of some parts of my job that I was still pretty tentative about.  Imagine how much better that might be if I were doing it on time, all the time and not weeks…months…later.  Truth moment here:  I filed papers today from April 2012. That means I hadn’t found the bottom of my file piles in more than a year.  OH GOLLY.  

So here’s to a Tuesday of victory, and the hope that I will develop a good habit here, to replace my old, bad habit.  I have experienced this so many times in so many other areas of my life that I know it is possible. 

Absolutely possible, yes. 

Tune in to see if I go with that possibility, or earn myself another day of repentance, further on down the road. 


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