to Mr. Right

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Mr. Right,

For years and years that ran into a decade and more, I’ve thought about you.  Wondered where you were, who you were, whether you even existed.  I’ve prayed for you.  Thought about what parts of the journey you might be going through.  Joked with friends that maybe you were in jail or rehab or both.  Wondered if you were thinking of me, wondering about me, praying for me. 

I have written you letter after letter and oh, how I wish I had saved them in a more coherent fashion, so that now I could deliver them to you, show you how faithfully I have watched and waited for you, how I did my best not to live in a way that I might later count as having cheated on you before you ever came, how often you crossed my mind, though of course if you saw the letters, you’d also see how often I was impatient, asking when are you coming and why is it taking so very long?

The great thing is that you didn’t come along early in the game, when I was still so wrong-headed about what I wanted from you.  The merciful thing is that you didn’t come along too soon, when I wasn’t yet grown enough and I’d have driven us both into a ditch.  The joyful thing is that at last, at last, at last…you’ve appeared. 

We walked a long piece on separate paths, Mr. Right, and it turns out that every bump and bruise along the way was worth it. 

All of which means today it’s a good bit easier to do what I’ve been doing all along…stand still and watch to see what God is doing.  I sure am glad to know that now I don’t watch alone, and that when He shows me, He’ll show you too. 

O praise the LORD, for He is good, and His mercy endures forever. 


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