on boxing

Posted: February 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sometimes, I suspect that God’s really into boxing.  I’ve just finished a week that makes me feel pretty sure of that. 

Early in the week, a situation came up that made it clear:  the enemy of us all was trying to hurt 2 of my friends by sticking a wedge between them.  I listened to what had happened and recognized his work immediately.  I tend not to know what to do in such cases, what with me being all highly averse to anything that might even remotely be construed as confrontation.  I went to bed that night in tears and woke up the next morning still not knowing what to do.

Then I went for a run, and listened while I prayed, and got very clear directions on what to do.  The next 14 hours of that day were spent following through on it – gathering up my friends, preparing scriptures and prayers I had been given, and meeting to take this thing head-on, before it could cause another minute of pain. 

That felt like coming out swinging in the ring.  Swinging hard.  God did good work in that room, and the trick sent to try and wreck a friendship was sent limping away. 

Later in the week, a friend shared about a struggle that we all have to some degree or other at least part of the time.  Again, I listened and didn’t really know what to say.  It was my usual gambit:  listen, empathize, pray.  And say, “I don’t know.” A LOT.  Very humbling, very frustrating stuff.  That night, too, I went to bed just wiped out and overcome at my lack of answers. 

The next morning, I woke up and went for my run.  While praying in the shower afterward, I suddenly had that oh-God-is-opening-my-understanding moment, when words that had been shared were suddenly highlighted, old experiences brought to mind as fresh and brand new, and BOOM I knew what to say.  I didn’t even bother to worry about getting dressed first when I got out of the shower – just threw on a robe and started typing away, wet hair and all.  I had to get the words on the page and out to my friend, quickly, before I could think too much and worry too much and decide not to send them at all.  You gotta MOVE when God says move, you know?

BOOM.  Another round of boxing, swinging with all my might.  All I’ve got is truth, and I’ll darn well put every pound of me behind it when I throw a punch.  I get so tired of watching people I love get hurt by the lies our enemy tells.  When it feels like the swing I’m taking might actually slow him down a minute…let’s just say, this makes Karen very happy. 

This morning at church was another round in the ring.  My pastor was teaching on the subject of taking care of our bodies, and she had asked me if I had written anything I might share as a testimony.  I had picked around at my naked blog all week, wondering what might work.  Finally yesterday morning, I had enough pieces that I could sit down and put together something pretty compelling. 

Not everybody loves the microphone.  It happens that I do.  Combine that with getting to share something God has done in my life…and combine that with knowing that someone out there NEEDS a bit of hope…oh yeah!  Bring it on!  I woke up charged this morning.  Ready to swing. 

And swing I did.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  I hope the enemy felt it as a sucker punch, in the places he’s tricking and tormenting and lying to people about their bodies.  Oh, I hope. 

Those are just the 3 BIG stories from my week.  I could entertain myself for another hour, writing about the little jabs He let me take and the little evasive footwork He gave me the grace to manage.  But 3 big stories are enough for one day, eh?

It’s Sunday.  Rest up.  Tomorrow:  be ready to step in to the ring.  What chance might He give us to take a swing at the enemy who hates us all?  Eh?  Eh?  C’mon…you know you wanna…

  1. Sherri says:

    I do want to – lately I’ve been feeling so beat down I don’t have any more strength to fight. I appreciate your words so very much. Thanks for sharing.

    • karen says:

      Thanks, Sherri, for stopping by to say so. Praying for you that you will get filled back up on Him…that’s really our only hope, as we box…we are SUPPOSED to be “poured out” but we gotta go for the refills…

  2. LOVED having you share! God worked through, and I believe still is working through, your words from yesterday.

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