Posted: January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

…I’ve been learning how to read my “stats” for this blog…something I had never done before last week. 

As of this afternoon, I’ve had 624 visitors here in 2013.  Note that today is January 28.

In all of 2012, I had 628 visitors.  IN THE WHOLE YEAR.

I moved my blog to this location in May of 2011.  I had 756 visitors in 2011 (in a 7 month period, note.)

So, I started stronger in 2011, and had a big lull in 2012 (I didn’t write here much this year…I was mostly over at the naked blog.)

Apparently, writing every day makes a real difference in how many people bother to come around here!

I’ll beat 2012’s entire year of numbers, here in this first month of 2013, if blog traffic continues at the rate it’s been going, or even slows down by three quarters for the last few days of the month.  I’ll likely come very close to my 2011 numbers (especially if anyone sends someone here for their favorite thing I ever said in the next day or two…NOT THAT I’M ASKING FOR THAT…LOL)

I write because I have to, whether people read or not.  But, truth:  624 visits to this blog already this month…that feels like a NICE REWARD for all the late nights and the process of beating words out of my half-asleep brain, well past bedtime, or squeezing a blog into a lunch break or between appointments. 

A nice reward indeed.

Thanks for reading.  IT MATTERS TO ME. 

  1. Linda says:

    I look forward to it every day….sometimes I share it all…and sometimes I share parts that really speak to me or reach out and slap me!! Thanks for being obedient and writing. Blessings to you

  2. Cindy Clayton says:

    I don’t come to the site, but I get your updates by email, so you can add several more “visits” to that number :o)

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