incoherent bedtime blather – this is not a template for 2013

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I wanted to start out today, “day 1” of writing daily for the entire year, with something spectacular.  Instead, there’s a short bit from this morning over at the naked blog.  If I were going to write here, I’d talk about the idea I had to commit to a couple of short periods per week of filing, at work, in hopes of catching up.  Doesn’t sound very scintillating, does it?  If I weren’t so tired, I’d like to ask 2013 a series of questions…just the wonderings of my wandering mind.  But I’m pretty sure they’d sound like gibberish tonight.

Or maybe I’d write about the utter lack of proofreading on my blogs.  I choose to type, re-read quickly, and then hit “publish” and get on with my life.  The good side of this is that I get stuff on the page.  The bad side of it is in real life I am pretty much a grammar nazi, and when I go back to re-read my blogs later, I am absolutely TWITCHING from all the punctuation felonies and grammar outrages and spelling anomalies and just flat out OMISSIONS.  I intentionally don’t go back to fix them, mostly.  Maybe if I’m gonna write very day, I’ll end up working out some editing blocks too…who knows….

I ate supper with my parents tonight after going to a visitation.  I love eating supper with my parents.  Or with friends or whatever.  If you know someone single, you should TOTALLY ask them to dinner, even if you’re just having something lame, cuz it’s darn hard to make eating alone a pleasurable experience.  Tonight, I am grateful I didn’t eat supper alone.

Speaking of the visitation, it was for a woman whose life was worth celebrating.  I hope people will celebrate my life when I die.  I mean, it’s okay to cry about missing me – I won’t be all, “Don’t you dare cry”….but even so, I hope my life will have been such that mostly people stand around celebrating what I lived.

Okay, that’s probably enough blathering on from the sleepy brain of Karen.  2013 will NOT be 365 days of this incoherence…

…but for now…I’m out.



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