karen’s dreams for 2012

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Though I’m pretty sure I have one more “2011 blog” to do (on stuff I learned or heard from God during the year), I’m not really in the mode for that.  Let’s have a little fun!

While I don’t have any “resolutions” yet (and perhaps I won’t…perhaps I’ll just press for a 2nd year into last year’s) I have been dreaming a bit about stuff I’d like to do in the coming year.  Thought I’d share a little, and maybe you’ll share a little too!  Nothing here is a solemn vow or a solid promise.  I don’t intend to fall into a vat of depression if I miss any of these.  Just for fun and in no particular order, here are some things I strongly hope to include in 2012:

  1. Cycling to Savannah – a JPUSA friend and I are going to ride our bikes from Rock Island, IL to Savanna, IL (roughly a 60-mile trip), where we will camp at the gorgeous Palisades Park (maybe even for a couple of days) before returning.  We don’t have a date set yet…but I’ve been conditioning for it!
  2. Trip to Kansas City IHOP – I haven’t been to the House of Prayer in way too long.  I have a ton of friends who’ve wanted to go for years.  With company or solo…either way…I WANNA GO AGAIN this year.  Time spent in 24/7 prayer and worship changes my life every single time I go.
  3. Long-distance Gardening – my son has moved to Ames to attend Iowa State University.  He has a sweet fenced in back yard where he’s renting, and a desire to grow his own food stuffies.  His mama can’t wait to come in on the assist and maybe even do a little canning and freezing with him.  I’m also hoping to jump in and maybe play garden with my JPUSA friends in Bushnell, as well.
  4. Joining a Church – Since my August 20 return from Chicago, I’ve been floating and churchless.  Oh, I’ve been in church almost every Sunday since returning (lots of churches), but just as a visitor.  I’m TIRED OF VISITING.  Let this be the year I joined and became a part, not just another face in the crowd.
  5. Century Ride – there is a 100-mile bike ride in August in Chicago that hits a bunch of destination points (the ride lasts 12ish hours).  I wanna do it this year (between this item and #1, I’m gonna hafta overcome uhhhh saddle sores!
  6. Cornerstone Music Festival – this has been a high point of my year for quite a long time.  Last year was my first time working there.  I plan to volunteer again, if they’ll have me (rumor has it that they will)!
  7. Rhubarb Run –  My hometown Aledo has an annual Rhubarb Fest; the YMCA always holds a run that weekend.  I have worked it, standing at corners to show runners where to turn, ranking people at the finish line, and other such odd jobs.  This June (in a turn of events that would have caused me to mock you and call you a liar, had you predicted it) I want to be one of the runners.  I’m not silly enough to think I’ll win (I’ll probably be last one in)…I just want to be able to say I finished the 5K.   Heck, who knows maybe I’ll even do the Hot Chocolate Hustle – another 5K in Aledo in December.
  8. Karen Goes to Prison – a friend who is like a family member has been incarcerated in Nebraska for some time.  I try to visit when I can.  Hoping this year will yield at least 1, possibly 2 visits.
  9. Kentucky Road Trip – my daughter and her hubby live in Wilmore, home of Asbury Theological Seminary.  Gotta take me a trip or two down there, though I don’t yet have the foggiest clue when.  Speaking of which…
  10. West Virginia Road Trip – my high school BFF lives there and has a daughter I’ve not yet met, despite the fact that the child is already in school (how so many years have passed is simply beyond me).  I’d like this to be the year that gets remedied.  Seems to me like a smart lady would find a way to combine numbers 9 and 10, eh?
  11. JPUSA Visits – I haven’t been able to visit as much since leaving as I had hoped, due to money and time constraints.  I look at this list, and suspect the coming year might be more of that.  Still, even if I can’t be there as much as I’d like, my Chicago home is very much on the list for multiple 2012 visits.
  12. Library Card – I want to get a new library card and get busy using it.  I don’t read enough non-internet stuff anymore.  And heck, I’ll need lots of books-on-CD for all those road trips, eh?
  13. People Time – Some of my very favorite times of the week are my people appointments.  Weekly meeting with my prayer partner.  Weekly meeting with my Bible study group.  Weekly mentoring times with a couple of friends (1 is well in place, the other is continuously sabotaged by our schedules…here’s to 2012 turning that one around).  I definitely want to continue all of those.  Now that I’m back from Chicago, I’m close enough to get a couple of cute kiddos  (friends with a family relationship to me) for some weekends again, like I did in 2010.  I have several friends and family members I want to be more intentional about seeing more often.
  14. Reading Through the Bible in a Year – I’m making another stab at it, having failed uhhh let’s just say *several* times.  This time around, I’m doing it in a group at work.  Will that make the difference?  We’ll see!
  15. New Digs – This one, I’m not ready to be excited about yet.  I’m settled nicely in for the winter; spring will bring necessity for me to get an apartment that is NOT where I work.  I trust excitement about this one will join me when the time comes – but either way, excited or not, I’ll take care of that business.
  16. More Words…Much More Many Words – I’m really pondering this one.  I might need to make an actual writing resolution.  I’m playing with the idea of resolving to write every day (if I get that decided in the next 48 hours, I can still do 360 in 2012).  Stephen King in his book “On Writing” pretty much makes that mandatory for real writers (I seem to recall him pushing for something like 4 hours of writing per day), and I’ve spent way too long not properly nurturing the writing gift I’ve been given.  There’s a writer’s group here in the Quad Cities – I’m toying with checking it out.  I don’t know yet for sure what’s on the horizon for my writing in 2012.  Just dabbling a bit here to see if typing about it opens up stuff I didn’t know I was considering (yes, I often write to read my inscrutable mind!)

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m even peeking into 2013 a bit.  Not much…just thinking it should definitely be time to visit my brother in Arizona, that it might be the year I try to ride Ragbrai, and who knows, maybe I’ll even look into doing a duathlon (don’t know what that is?….you could google it, like I did…), thanks to a friend who horrified me by mentioning the possibility awhile back.  Who knows….

I suppose that’s enough dreaming for now.  What are some of YOUR dreams for 2012?  C’mon…you KNOW you wanna tell me!

much love



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